About MTG Group

Apply-for-medicaid-online.com is an extended information hub, created by the MTG group, to serve users globally for over 2.5 decades, with making the world a better place in mind.

MTG group is an independent international company, and all its websites, including this website, are not affiliated with any federal or state department, agency, office, board, or commission.

This website provides a comprehensive information, and our team is working to make sure the data, locations, customer service numbers, phone numbers, addresses, websites, login, and additional information are all sorted, carefully cleaned, and verified before publishing them on the website, making it available for users, and provided for free.

MTG group, provides users, nationwide & all over the world, with only the most important, update, reliable and current information as our database is updated constantly.

A big part of our success of having the best updated information, became possible with the great assistance from tens of thousands of users, contributing, helping us helping others by updating us with new information is published, and once our team is reconfirming the information with our activation process, we publish it.

About Us

How do we verify the information & data?

MTG group has developed a powerful methodology to ensure the data and content presented is verified by real people and is getting updated regularly, also by our generous users, that are sharing new information they find.

Our team is monitoring the data & information quality published on our website and have a schedule to review the published information, to assure the best and most updated information is published.

We love to surround ourselves with the most amazing people and happy to work with you if you are interested in joining us and becoming being a part of an amazing group that puts people before everything, and our top goal is to make the world a better place for everyone.

Are you interested in becoming one of us? Please send us a short message using the contact us page.

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